BIO-SOLUBLE Ceramic Yarns

Usually reinforced with continuous filaments of fiberglass and/or Nickel Chrome wire Ø.005 "
Uses: Industrial Gaskets
Maximum service temperature: 800 ° C. (1,470 °F)


They are made from continuous fiberglass filaments which are opened ("voluminized") with compressed air.The amount of "voluminization" is upon request.
From 68 tex a 5,000 tex.
Uses: Clutch facings, Industrial brackes

Fiberglass Yarns
Uses: Clutch facings, industrial brackes
Maximum Service temperature: 550 ° C.(1,020°F)


Uses: Clutch facings, bracke pads and Industrial gaskets
Maximum service temperature: 350 ° C.(660°F)

Fiberglass textured yarn 1100 tex

 Maximum service temperature: 550 ° C.(1,020°F)

Fiberglass textured yarn reinforced with copper wire 0.007”   by the covering system.


OPAN Yarns

Uses: Clutch facings, bracke and Industrial gaskets
Maximum service temperature: 350 ° C.(660° F)


Made from carded staple fibers spun by rings or Dref system.They can be twisted to assemble several single strands according to specific requirements of strength, specific weight, size (diameter) and absorption.

Our yarns can be reinforced with internal continuous fiberglass filaments and/or metallic wires: brass, copper or steel wires usually in sizes Ø 0.005 "or 0.007". Wire wrapped around yarns can be implemented with the "covering" system, they can be applied by twisting or by the covering system.

From 70 tex to 2,000 tex each single yarn
Finished yarns: (n: any number) plies.
Metallic wire insertion upon request.